Many of our projects reflect the solution process described in Problem & Solution. These projects then include some workpackages. Frequently, we supply methods and models to enhance their in-house product/process development routines. We start these projects consulting our customers about testing and modeling methodologies. This phase includes some preliminary tests and simulations. Subsequently we define a testing and simulation programm. Then we perform material tests and calibrate material models. We help marrying the material model into the finite element analysis of our customers. And we accompany our customers during model application. We basically assist our customers enhancing their development processes.

When our customers have their methods in place, we deliver services that fit into the existing development process. This includes well documented material characterisation jobs, product testing jobs and finite element analysis projects.

Reference Projects

During the last years we did numerous projects including finite element analysis, material characterisation, masterial model calibration and consulting. Now we plan to add one reference project to this section every second week.